I am a photographer based in Helsinki, Finland. I specialise in people and design.

I love working both commercially and having an artistic project, or two, on the side. Working with people is by far the best part of my job. Even when shooting still life objects people are involved – designers, advertisers and business people.  Over the years I have developed a very good understanding of how to listen to clients and their wishes.

The majority of pictures in the portraits gallery have been shot during 2010-2016 in the Atelieri O.Haapala project. Together with my wife Saara Salmi, we created a fictional vintage photo studio and made over 6000 portraits. During this time I learned the importance of good communication. Pictures were not just taken, they were actually made together with the help of our models.

My work has been exhibited in the USA, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, and Finland.

Selected client list: Altia, Arabia, Artek, Avarte, Bukowskis, Canon, Curious AI, Dna, Hendricks Gin, Iittala, Kone, Yrjö Kukkapuro, Stefan Lindfors, Marimekko, Masku, Metsähallitus, Samuli Naamanka, Mikko Paakkanen, Sitra, Solar Films, Ilkka Suppanen, The Switch, Vivero, Warner Music Finland